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Kim Jong Un impersonator Howard X

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Impersonator - Kim Jong Un

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Howard X, the first professional Kim Jong Un impersonator in the world has delighted, surprised and shocked people from all around the world since 2013. Known as the impersonator who surprised the North Korean cheerleaders at the Winter Olympics in South Korea, he has also made appearances in NYC, Osaka G20, the Kim/Trump summit in Singapore and his impersonation was so convincing that Vietnam government deported him for the 2nd Trump/Kim summit. Howard X is the impersonator as featured in the viral music video "LollyBomb" by Little Big. As Kim Jong Un is the most famous dictator of the 21st century, Howard can give you a custom message not only wishing the normal birthday and personalised greeting but he can also make customised death threats and wage war to prank your loved ones or enemies! All videos will be professionally shot in a studio with the impersonator in full make up as seen in the photo. For promotion of business please enquire for price